Giffen Furniture Removals When To Hire A Professional House Packer For Your Move

Moving house requires a lot of time, energy and planning to execute – not to mention the fact that we often have to put our busy lives on hold in order to do so. So how can you take the pressure off and have an easier time with moving house? Most people of course turn to a professional house packer for help.

Whether you choose to hire a professional house packer or do it yourself, below are some key points to consider when deciding if hiring a professional house packer is the best option for you.


What Are House Packers?

House packers are trained experts in carefully wrapping and packing people’s belongings, ensuring they stay safe and protected during a house move. Professional packers often use materials such as moving blankets, packing paper, bubble wrap and boxes to protect your furniture and other personal items from damage and scratches.


What Types Of Services Do Professional House Packers Offer?

Professional packers often work in conjunction with moving companies and offer their services as part of a furniture removal package for people looking to move house.

Depending on your specific requirements, a professional packer can tailor their services to suit your needs. Below are some of the services a house packer can provide you with.



Giffen Furniture Removals Pre-Packing

Packing up your house is likely to be the most time-consuming aspect of your move. So if you happen to be time-poor and have a fast-approaching moving deadline, hiring a packing professional to help is one way of getting it done quickly.   

 Pre-packing service options include:

  • Full Service Packing
    This is where professional packers take care of wrapping up just about everything in your home. Packers will take apart and wrap your furniture to prevent any scratches or damage in transit. Glass panels, mirrors and other valuables are wrapped in heavy-duty blankets and bubble wrap while your other personal items are carefully wrapped, packed neatly into boxes and labelled – ahead of your move.
  • Valuables Only
    This option is ideal for those on a budget or people who just need professional packing services for their fragile items and valuables. With this option, house packers can assist with wrapping up antiques and delicate furniture, breakables such as china and vases and valuable paintings and artwork etc.

Packing Specialty Items  

Giffen Furniture Removals Packing Specialty Items

Professional house packers don’t just work with furniture and household items. More often than not, they also help pack special items that can pose a bit more of a challenge during house moves including the following:

  • Pool Table – moving a pool table is no easy feat! More often than not, it requires some careful disassembly and wrapping with protective blankets to prevent the slate from getting damaged. Professional packers already have the necessary tools and packing materials on hand so you don’t have to lift a finger.
  • Piano Removals – pianos are an extremely heavy, bulky and fragile instrument to move. They contain a lot of small components such as hammers, keys and strings that can easily break and get damaged. Where possible, hire a professional packer to protect your piano and avoid any costly repairs that might come up if you attempt to wrap the instrument yourself.
  • Appliances – large home appliances such as fridges and washing machines are also quite bulky and heavy. Getting a professional packer to prepare these appliances ahead of your move can prevent any unwanted dents and damage to the appliance.



Why Should I Hire A Professional House Packer?  

Giffen Furniture Removals Why Should I Hire A Professional House Packer

Hiring a professional packer can have many benefits. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if the cost of the service outweighs your need for convenience.

If you’re still pondering whether or not to DIY or hire a professional house packer, here are a list of ideal situations where hiring a professional is the best option for you.


Save Time – if you don’t have much time between now and your move, or you simply don’t have the time to pack, hiring a professional packer can help speed up the process. Because house packers continuously do this sort of work for a living, they are efficient and effective at what they do, meaning they can have your house packed up in no time, in comparison to you trying to quickly pack on your own.


Save Money – hiring a packer can ultimately save you money particularly if it means having to take several days off work to do your own packing.


Avoid Stress – hiring a professional packer means you can just sit back and let them do the hard work while focusing on other areas of your move.


Convenience – life is busy, let alone if you need to move house with kids and other conflicting commitments to consider. Professional packers can make your life easier by taking most of the moving preparation work off your plate.


 Experienced Pros – house packers know the best techniques for protecting your furniture and belongings, keeping them damage-free and in good condition.



Need Some Professional Packing Help?

Save yourself some time and stress – speak to the professionals at Giffen Removals Brisbane. We offer a wide range of affordable moving services including house packing, furniture removals and temporary furniture storage solutions.

Call us today on (07) 3162 6783 and ask for an obligation free quote on your house packing and removal needs!

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