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Need Storage Space In Brisbane For Your Furniture?

For all your storage needs in Brisbane call us to discuss pricing and storage options for your specific requirements.

At Giffen Storage we pride ourselves on offering storage facilities for all your furniture and personal effects at very reasonable prices. Whether you require the storage for short or long term, you will always find the security and space to store your goods and can rest assured that our experienced team members will always keep an eye on them until you have decided to remove them. Giffen storage have a large network of storage providers in and around South East Queensland. When it comes to furniture storage, Brisbane residents can rest assured all your self-storage requirements can be delivered.

Giffen Furniture Cheap Storage North Brisbane

If you require storage services outside of Brisbane simply contact us on 1800 643 482 and we will contact our network to deliver a suitable package exactly where you need it. When it comes to storage solutions, Brisbane residents and others needn’t look any further than Giffen.

Secure storage also means that you do not have to worry about any of your furniture going missing. Our storage facilities are equipped with the latest technology which allows us to track your items from the point of entry to the point of departure. We also ensure that no corrosive material or other hazardous waste is stored inside, so as not to compromise the quality of your furniture.

Whether you reside in Brisbane or are just here temporarily and would like to keep your items in storage, we are always happy to meet up with you to discuss rates and the best way to store your belongings. Giffen Storage understands the sensitive nature of having to part with them and offer solutions suited to match most scenarios. Our skilled storage team is always on hand to meet up with you in person and offer their invaluable advice and expertise.

Depending on the intended duration of your storage, we are able to provide very competitive and worthwhile quotes, so that you will not have to pay a fortune just to keep your furniture and other items under one roof. Should you then need to extend the desired storage period, we would be able to negotiate a package which you would surely find attractive and enticing. There is nothing worse than having to fork out double what you had intended simply because your relocation did not go ahead as planned and had to be delayed. Giffen Furniture Removals are fully aware of such occurrences as we have handled plenty of house and office storages during our 18 years in the business. We would like you to think of us as your best friends as we are aware of the intricacies involved in such moves.

When you decide to have us store your valuable commodities in the safety of our storage facility, we make it up to you by treating them with utmost care and attention and to ensure that you are totally satisfied with our unique storage service.

Cheap Storage North Brisbane

  • We can pick it up for you
  • Super convenient, easy-access storage
  • Safe, secure and cared for
  • Cheap and affordable for your needs

When you require storage services in Brisbane contact Giffen storage services and compare the prices.

Call Giffen Storage services today on 1800 643 482 to see how we can help you with preparing a cost-effective proposal for your short or long term storage in Brisbane.