Giffen Furniture Removals Top 10 Office Removal Tips

Moving office can be a busy and challenging time for everyone including staff, management and business owners. There’s lots to do and loads of preparation needed to get things underway – even before a single box leaves the premises.

If you’re looking to save time, stay on budget and have a relatively stress-free office removal experience, below are some useful tips and tricks to get your workplace back to “business as usual” in next to no time after you change addresses.



1. Plan Early

Giffen Furniture Removals Plan Early

Office moves are often time critical, which is why it’s best to minimise issues and any potential delays. Brainstorming and formulating a plan as far ahead in advance as possible is the best way to ensure you’ve accounted for critical aspects such as timeframes, resources needed, deciding what tasks need completion, creating a moving checklist, finalising your moving budget, and having a backup plan in case things don’t pan out.



2. Put Someone In Charge

Be sure to appoint a particular staff member to coordinate each step of the office relocation process. This person can then take ownership of tasks such as following up with service providers and sticking to the budget and allocated timeframes.



3. On The Same Page

It’s important to keep employees in the loop about all aspects of your office relocation to ensure that everyone is aware of key dates, timeframes, the new office location address and each person’s delegated tasks and responsibilities. Be sure to also communicate any new changes to plans with your employees as soon as they arise to prevent any unnecessary hiccups and delays.



4. Take Only What You Need

Ask employees to do a deep clean of their individual work areas. Decluttering furniture, unused or broken items and unnecessary papers and office supplies will save time, money and result in a more streamlined and cost-effective office move.



5. Decide On A Moving Budget

Giffen Furniture Removals Moving Budget

Do some thorough estimates on how much your office relocation is likely to cost before deciding on an overall budget. That way, you can track how you’re going throughout the entire process and avoid overspending.

Ask service providers such as cleaners and removalists for free quotes and to confirm the likelihood of any additional charges that may arise. This will help with finalising your overall moving budget and prevent bill shock later on.



6. Do Some Research On Local Movers

It pays to do a bit of groundwork and research before deciding on the most suitable office removalist for your needs. Check online reviews and ask friends, family members and work colleagues for suggestions on local office removal professionals they can recommend.



7. Let Everyone Know About Your Move

Giffen Furniture Removals Let Everyone Know

Start the process of updating everyone of your planned office move – reach out to suppliers, clients and service providers to advise them of your new address as well as planned moving dates. Consider adding new address details to your website and social media pages with a “we’re moving” post to keep everyone in the loop.



8. Assign Tasks

While each individual can take charge of cleaning and packing up their desk and surrounding areas, it might be a good idea to share out any additional tasks amongst your team to help keep the office move on track.



9. Label Boxes

Giffen Furniture Removals Label Boxes

Unpacking after an office move can be a little chaotic, so be sure to label all moving boxes clearly with their contents and to which department they belong. Keep a list of all moving boxes and their contents to keep track of all items more easily. That way, locating items once you’ve shifted to your new office address will be a breeze.



10. Professional Help

Not enough time or resources to get the move done? Be sure to reach out to the professionals to help get the ball rolling and stay on track with your moving schedule. Hire an office removal specialist to do the heavy lifting and handle furniture removals when a DIY office move just isn’t possible.

And if you need an extra hand or two with carefully packing furniture, documents and other office equipment, check with your removalist to find out if they can assist with a pre-packing service.



Office Removal Specialists In Brisbane

Giffen Furniture Removals Office Removal Specialists

For a smooth, stress-free office move in Brisbane, Giffen Furniture Removals are here to help. With over 30 years experience and a solid reputation in the office removal space, we’re the preferred choice for Brisbane office relocations.

Call today and ask about our affordable office removals, furniture pre-packing and temporary storage solutions and discover why Brisbane locals highly recommend the team at Giffen Removals.

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