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Office Relocation & Movers

Giffen furniture removals specialises in office relocations and removals in Brisbane and beyond. Relocations are never easy and one of the hardest and most complicated has to be relocating your office. There are many essential items which would need to be loaded and transported to the new destination, especially if this involves an interstate move. For office removals, Brisbane and other business owners receive peace of mind that the job will be done properly and efficiently when they hire Giffen movers.


Some of the most important objects to transport during office relocations have to be computers and files, together with desks and filing cabinets. With most office desks, such is in the boardroom, furniture needs to be dismantled and then re-assembled once relocated. Our movers are highly trained to ensure that every box or belonging is marked accordingly, so that there are no hours lost post-office relocation in looking for your important files or documents.

There is no limit as to how much or how little needs to be involved in the office relocation. Whether it is a few cabinets or the entire office, you can rely on us to deliver in terms of quality and service, as well as speed, as we are all too conscious of the importance and sense of urgency that office relocations dictate.

If, for some reason, your move is temporarily held up because of some unexpected delays at the new office, we also offer you the possibility of placing your goods in our holding facility in Brisbane, until you are ready to complete your move. Fees can be requested by contacting us.

Currently looking for office movers? Brisbane business owners who wish to hire a reputable team with the necessary experience and equipment should call us on 1800 643 482 for a cost-effective proposal for their office location.