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If you’re looking for a highly affordable, secure and easy storage solution in Brisbane – you’ve come to the right place!

If you need somewhere to store your furniture for a few days, a few weeks, a few months or even longer, Giffen are here to assist.

Maybe you have a few items or a full household to be stored? Giffen Storage makes the entire process super easy, affordable and we ensure that your items are safe, secure and handled with the utmost care.

What makes us unique is the fact we offer the service to pick up, store and deliver your goods when you need them. Our process is easy:

  • We come to you
  • We can safely pack and sort your items
  • We then pack your items and store into one or more of our storage modules
  • We take that storage module back to our secure storage warehouse
  • When you need it, we come back with the same module and unload it and put all your items away

It’s a storage solution with much more bang for buck!

When it comes to storage and the handling of that storage, Brisbane residents trust and choose Giffen. At Giffen Storage we pride ourselves on the service and storage facilities we offer our customers. We’d love to help you. Give us a call today and ask us how we can provide you the ultimate storage experience.


Storage Kedron


Because we are a removals company (as well as storage) we make the entire process super easy and much more affordable. We save you money and time as we come to you and collect and store your items in one or more storage modules. When you need it back, we drop the same amount of modules back to you and unpack everything as it was originally stored. No doubling handling and a very easy, cost effective and smart way to store your goods!
We'll Pick It Up


Let our experts do the hard lifting. We'll save you time and come to you to pick up your items. Save yourselves the headache having to deliver and pack your items. We can pack it, pick it up and store it!
Giffen Furniture Removals Extras


We know how stressful it can be trying to pack and find an affordable and safe solution for storage. We make the entire process super easy right from when you contact us.
No Double Handling


Save the potential of damaging or breaking your items by getting Giffen to pack, pick up and store them. It'll save you time, stress and the potential of your goods getting damaged.
Giffen Furniture Removals Recycle Packing Boxes


We're proud to offer full insurance options for your items to you provide peace of mind knowing they are covered from damage, fire or theft. Be assured your items are in great hands.
Giffen Furniture Removals Permanent Or Temporary


Giffen Furniture Removals are a proud member of AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association). As a result we provide the highest service levels and best practices in the industry.
Clean Safe Secure Storage Facility Brisbane


Our Kedron, North Brisbane storage facility is perfect for those needing a safe, secure and clean storage solution. Our options are super affordable and are made easy for you.



With 100+ 5 Star reviews, we are very appreciative and proud of the kind words that our customers have to say about us.

See for yourselves the kind words our customers have to say about Giffen.

5 Star Storage Brisbane Review
5 Star Storage Brisbane Review
5 Star Storage Brisbane Review

$4.30 PER DAY!*

Our storage service, pricing and delivery/packing options are second to none. Contact us today for a free quote and to discuss your storage needs.

*Terms & Conditions apply. Pricing based on our minimum storage options available. Enquire today for our best rates on storage.

Storage Brisbane. The #1 Storage Choice In Brisbane.

What makes Giffen Storage a favourable storage solution is that we not only have experience in the storage industry but we are also highly skilled in the packaging, removal and delivery of the belongings being stored.

With our highly trained and experienced team, we specialise in the delicate exercise of packing, removing and storing personal or business related items. We ensure that all items are kept and stored with no damage or breakage.

We keep a full inventory of the goods brought in and accept full responsibility for them, meaning that you can expect to have them back in the exact same condition you brought them in. We also ensure that no corrosive material or other hazardous waste is stored inside, so as not to compromise the quality of your furniture.

Whether you reside in Brisbane or are just here temporarily and would like to keep your items in storage, we are always happy to meet up with you to discuss rates and the best way to store your belongings. Giffen Storage understands the sensitive nature of having to part with them and offer solutions suited to match most scenarios. Our skilled storage team is always on hand to meet up with you in person and offer their invaluable advice and expertise.

When you decide to have us store your valuable commodities in the safety of our storage facility, we make it up to you by treating them with utmost care and attention and to ensure that you are totally satisfied with our unique storage service.

When you require storage services in Brisbane contact Giffen storage services and compare the prices.

Call Giffen Storage services today to see how we can help you with preparing a cost effective proposal for your short or long term storage in Brisbane.


Don’t hesitate to send an enquiry or request a quote. It’ll take less than a minute and we’ll be in touch with you pronto! Please leave as much information about your storage needs in the enquiry form and we will contact you shortly after!