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Need Storage Space For Your Furniture?

If you need somewhere to store your furniture for a few days, a few weeks, a few months or even longer, we can assist.

Maybe you have a few items or a full household to be stored. When it comes to storage, Brisbane residents need only look to Giffen Removals’ facility at Kedron on Brisbane’s Northside. At Giffen Storage we pride ourselves on offering storage facilities for all your furniture and personal effects at very reasonable prices.

For all your storage needs in Brisbane give us a call on 1800 643 482 to discuss pricing and storage options for your specific requirements.

If you need a quote for your removal job, we would be delighted to help, either call 1800 643 482 or take this link.

When their only search criteria is whomever is offering cheap storage, Brisbane residents miss the opportunity to receive incredible value at competitive prices at Giffen Storage. We provide the expertise of ensuring that your belongings are well-packed, so as to eliminate any possible damage. We keep a full inventory of the goods brought in and accept full responsibility for them, meaning that you can expect to have them back in the exact same condition you brought them in. We also ensure that no corrosive material or other hazardous waste is stored inside, so as not to compromise the quality of your furniture.

Whether you reside in Brisbane or are just here temporarily and would like to keep your items in storage, we are always happy to meet up with you to discuss rates and the best way to store your belongings. Giffen Storage understands the sensitive nature of having to part with them and offer solutions suited to match most scenarios. Our skilled storage team is always on hand to meet up with you in person and offer their invaluable advice and expertise.

When you decide to have us store your valuable commodities in the safety of our storage facility, we make it up to you by treating them with utmost care and attention and to ensure that you are totally satisfied with our unique storage service.

When you require storage services in Brisbane contact Giffen storage services and compare the prices.

Call Giffen Storage services today on 1800 643 482 to see how we can help you with preparing a cost effective proposal for your short or long term storage in Brisbane.