Giffen Furniture Removals How To Plan A Successful Office Relocation

What’s harder than moving house? Moving an office. There are countless more things you need to think about and synchronize, from coordinating your entire office staff to preparing the office relocation and so much more. If you don’t plan accordingly, you’re in for a rough time.

Giffen Furniture Removals are here to help you out. We’ve prepared the ultimate checklist for your office relocation, making sure everything is done and nothing is forgotten. Here you go:



Planning Before The Move

Giffen Furniture Removals Planning Before The Move

  • Go to your new office and measure the floor plan. Figure out how much space you need for desks, and exactly whose desk will go where. You don’t want to have a carnival of desk space fighting on the move-in day.
  • Set a number system to each desk. This number system depends on how big your office is (if you only have a dozen staff, then it’s pretty simple. But for teams that go into the hundreds, you will need to categorize the numbers by department).
  • For staff with their own offices, give offices numbers as well. Instead of saying “the office in the far corner” or “the office in the middle next to the bathroom”, you can just say Office #3 or Office #5.
  • Match the floor plan number system with the right staff members.
  • For communal spaces, give these their own names. The plan is to make sure every part of the new office is named and drawn up before you fill it with desks and computers.
  • Make sure IT is working with you every step of the way, ensuring that all communications are working on the day of the move.
  • Talk to the building manager; ensure that everything is ready for move-in day and that all your staff will have building access. You will also need parking space for your staff and the removalist trucks.



Remind Everyone 

Giffen Furniture Removals What To Remind Everyone

  • For Your Staff: Give everyone clear, designated instructions for packing and cut-off times. Anything that isn’t packed will be left behind. Streamline everything to save your removalists the headache. Secondly, send everyone a digital map detailing the quickest route from the current office to the new office, as well as the nearest parking areas.
  • For Your Removalists: Send them your floor plan with the numbered system, so they know where every desk and staff setup should go.



Packing Before The Move

Giffen Furniture Removals Packing Before The Move

  • After preparing the number system, give each of your staff their designated number.
  • Your staff should be instructed to label all their boxes and items with their designated number so that the removalists will know to keep their stuff together.
  • Any personal valuables and small electronic devices (tablets and laptops) should be taken home. Anything they can move on their own with more safety should be in their care.
  • Empty out all filing cabinets and drawers, or tape over them to keep them shut throughout the removal.
  • Computer accessories (including phones, keyboards, cables, mouses, and more) should be placed in clear plastic bags with the designated desk number.
  • Common area items should also be labelled the same way, with their designated common area name or number.



What To Do On Moving Day

Giffen Furniture Removals Moving Day

  • Managers or representatives should be situated at both locations, the old office and the new. This will help to coordinate the team.
  • The removalists should remove items one room or floor at a time, instead of working on different areas simultaneously. This will help streamline any questions they might have for your on-site managers.
  • Connect your computers and communication systems only after the entire move is complete, or else you might end up with wires getting in the way of the ongoing removal job.
  • After the move, check the boxes in each area – make sure they all correspond with their appropriate designated desk number.
  • For that personalised extra touch, surprise your staff with small desk labels that indicate their name, job title, and perhaps even their photo. This will work wonders towards making them feel like their new office is home on their first day.



Last-Minute Checks

Giffen Furniture Removals Last Minute Checks


  • Clear up any rubbish, packaging waste or anything else that has been left behind. Ensure that there’s nothing that anyone might trip over.
  • For bigger buildings, ask your building manager if you can put up small signs on the wall, indicating to your staff where they should go.
  • Check all your new facilities – lights, taps, microwaves, toilets, and more. Nothing is more aggravating than finding out that something isn’t working in your new office.



Office Relocation With Giffen Furniture Removals

Moving offices, and in need of a team of trusted furniture removalists in Brisbane? Giffen Furniture Removals is here for you! We’ve assisted hundreds of office relocations all over the country and can give you that professional touch you need to successfully move into your new office.

Call us today for an obligation-free office relocation quote!

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