Giffen Furniture Removals How To Choose The Right Furniture Storage Solution For Your Needs

When it comes to temporarily storing unused furniture or your valued possessions, there are several things you ought to consider first before deciding on a suitable furniture storage solution.

Make finding the right storage solution easy and simple by considering the following points first:

Why Am I Considering Furniture Storage?

Because furniture storage carries an additional expense, it often begs the question of “is furniture storage right for me?” and “is this something I should consider doing in the first place?”.

Some good reasons to consider hiring furniture storage in the first place include when:

  • You’re in the middle of a home or office relocation
  • You’re looking to declutter your home
  • You’re looking to store items away temporarily until you sell them
  • You need additional space temporarily
  • You’re looking to clean your carpets or renovate your home
  • You’re looking to travel and need somewhere temporary to store your furniture
  • You’re staging your home for sale (and need to remove the clutter in the interim)



Consider What You Are Storing

Giffen Furniture Removals Consider What You Are Storing

The type of furniture items you are looking to store will have a direct impact on the type of storage solution you end up choosing. For example storing away delicate antiques could mean you might need to hire more storage space because you won’t be able to disassemble them.

Determining the quantity and overall size of the items you are looking to store will give you an idea of how much storage space you’ll need to hire.



How Long?

Have a think about how long you’ll be needing temporary storage space for. Will it be for several months or a longer period? Try to be realistic with your estimated timeframes and bear in mind that most storage places will have a minimum storage period.

If you are looking for long-term storage for your furniture and possessions, don’t forget to enquire about any discounts that may be available to customers that choose a long-term temporary storage option.



Storage Budget

Giffen Furniture Removals Budget

The amount of storage budget you have will have a direct impact on the type of storage solution and service provider that you end up choosing. Which is why it’s important to do some research and get several quotes from numerous providers in your area.

By obtaining free quotes from local suppliers, you can make better comparisons on the different types of service offerings available and get the best bang for your buck.



Access To Your Belongings

Will you be needing frequent access to your furniture or possessions? If so, the best storage solution for you might be self-storage. A self-storage solution allows customers to rent out temporary storage units, allowing customers to come and go as they please. Some self-storage providers even allow their customers 24/7 access to the units, so be sure to shop around for this feature if you are looking to regularly access your belongings outside of normal office hours.




Giffen Furniture Removals Security

You’ll want your furniture and valued possessions to be stored securely and kept safe. When deciding on a storage solution, be sure to ask about the security features available at the facility. At bare minimum, a safe storage facility should have security features including the following:

  • CCTV cameras
  • Regular security patrols
  • Alarms on the premises



Furniture Pick Up Service

For the convenience of their customers, some storage facilities offer additional services like furniture pick-up and drop off services. This means that you won’t have to lift a finger when it comes to storing your furniture. The team at the storage facility can organise to pick up your furniture at your designated address at a convenient time for you and then drop it off safely at their storage centre.



Furniture Storage In Brisbane

Giffen Furniture Removals Storage

Need a secure furniture storage solution in Brisbane? Giffen Furniture Removals have got your storage needs covered! Whether you’re after short term or long term temporary furniture storage, we can tailor our packages to suit your requirements.

Best of all, we also offer a convenient door-to-door furniture pick up service and can also pre-pack your furniture and belongings if you simply don’t have the time to do so.

Call Giffen Furniture Removals today for all your furniture storage needs and discover why we’re the trusted name in furniture removal and storage in Brisbane.

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