Giffen Furniture Removals How To Choose The Right Furniture Removal Service For Your Needs

Not all professional movers are made equal. When it comes to choosing the right service provider, you’ll want to go with someone who has the capabilities and experience to deliver the right sort of service to suit your needs.

If you’re looking to move house or relocate your office in the near future and are shopping around for a furniture removal service, below are some key points to keep in mind when deciding on a moving company.



Things To Consider When Comparing Removalist Companies

Giffen Furniture Removals Service You Need

When it comes to choosing the right furniture removal service, you’ll want to pick a service provider that ticks the right boxes in the following areas:



There’s nothing worse than trusting a removalist with your valued possessions and furniture items only to discover most of your things have ended up damaged or broken once they’ve arrived at their new destination. Choose a furniture removalist with at least 5 years’ experience to ensure they can do the job safely and take good care of your belongings.


Positive References

Do some online research on service providers and check out any reviews on their websites or social media pages. Feel free to also ask companies for references from previous customers to find out what kind of experience they’ve had when dealing with this service provider.


The Type Of Service You Need

Have a think about what sort of moving service you require. Your needs will differ depending on what types of items you are looking to relocate, as well as the volume of items. Some potential moving service options include:

  • Man and ute – perfect for those on a budget or who are only moving a handful of items that simply can’t fit into a car. This service option also includes a driver to take your possessions to your new address.
  • Furniture removals – ideal for relocating the contents of your home – whether it be just several rooms worth, or all of your worldly possessions.
  • Office removals – look for a specialist who is experienced in relocating office furniture and documents to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience and avoid any delays or down time with getting your office back up and running.
  • Interstate backloading – this highly affordable service is ideal for moving a handful of items from state to state at a much lower rate than usual. So long as you don’t mind your belongings sharing space in the back of a truck along with other people’s items, this solution certainly provides more bang for buck!


Affordable Rates

Your moving budget is an important thing to keep in mind when considering service providers. After all, you don’t want to choose a service provider only to realise you’ve gone way over budget on your move after additional moving costs have suddenly crept in.

If your moving budget is tight and you don’t have too much leeway, you may want to consider a fixed price move which locks in the price of a removal service based on your specific needs. The beauty of this is that you can have peace of mind and avoid any hidden expenses that might come up.


Free Quotes

When speaking to different furniture removalists, ask for some obligation-free quotes on the kind of service you require. This will help with your decision-making when choosing which supplier to book a service with.


Special Services

Save time and money on your move! Be sure to ask service providers if they offer additional moving services like the following so you can save on your overall moving costs with a bundled moving service.

  • Pre-packing service – perfect for those who have limited time to prepare ahead of moving day. Professional packers can come to your place and carefully protect your items with bubble wrap and pack them away into moving boxes, saving you time and effort ahead of moving day.
  • Storage service – not ready to relocate all of your possessions to your new address? Why not consider placing them into temporary storage until you’re ready to deal with them?



Brisbane’s Leading Furniture Removal Service

Giffen Furniture Removals Reliable Service

Need a hand with your home or office relocation? Brisbane’s Giffen Furniture Removals are here to help! No matter if you’re chasing a small fixed price move or an entire home or office furniture removal service, we can customise our offerings to suit your individual needs and budget.

Get in touch with Giffen Removals today and ask for an obligation free quote or enquire about our full range of affordable moving services.

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