Giffen Furniture Removals Furniture Storage Do’s And Don’ts

There are lots of different reasons why people look for a furniture storage solution. From needing a temporary storage solution in between house moves to running out of living space and needing to clear some room.

For some, furniture storage simply means stuffing your items into a shed or storage space without giving it a second thought. However, there is a “right” and a “wrong” way to store your furniture if you would like to preserve them in the same condition as when they were first stored.

Here are our top tips on do’s and don’ts when it comes to utilising your furniture storage solution in the best way possible.



Clean First  

Giffen Furniture Removals Clean First

It goes without saying that you should first clean your furniture and other possessions before putting them away into storage. Be sure to remove any dust or cobwebs on tables, chairs and shelving and don’t forget to wipe down visible surfaces. This will prevent any dust from new furniture coming into your storage space and settling on your other belongings.

Also, ensure your storage space is as clean as possible by sweeping up the floors before bringing in any new items.


Where possible, take apart any furniture that readily disassembles. Remove table legs and shelves for easy transportation. And don’t forget to store any loose bits and pieces such as screws and shelf supports into clearly labelled zip lock bags for easy reassembly later down the track.


Wrap & Protect

Wrapping up your treasured furniture items before storing them is one way to look after them and preserve their condition. That is of course, unless you use plastic sheeting to cover up your furniture.

While plastic sheets seem like a great idea when it comes to protecting your furniture, they can certainly cause problems and even damage your furniture over time due to condensation. Instead of large plastic sheets that don’t breathe, try using breathable fabric covers and old bedsheets instead.


Protect Fragile Items 

Giffen Furniture Removals Protect Fragile Items

Be sure to bubble wrap any delicate and fragile items such as large mirrors and even breakables for added protection. Use several layers if you must to really ensure your item is well-protected and can withstand any slight knocks or scratches while it’s being stored away.


Make An Inventory List

While this may seem like an unnecessary extra step, creating a list of things that you’ve placed into storage can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping track of your possessions. If you ever find yourself asking the question of “Where is that [insert item here]?” you will have a handy list that can save you time searching for your belongings, and you’ll have your answer right away.



Stack Too High

Stacking furniture items incorrectly on top of one another in your storage space is a recipe for disaster. When storing away your furniture, be sure to place your larger and heavier items at the base of your storage space towards the back. Make sure to also leave some moving room at the front so you can easily take things in and out.

Avoid stacking heavy items at the top of your storage pile to prevent injuries and try to ensure your belongings aren’t piled up to an overly great height.


Storing Perishables, Dangerous Goods And Weapons

This is a big “no, no”. Storing perishables such as food in your storage space attracts pests that may end up damaging your belongings. Expired perishables can emit a foul odour over time that may then transfer to your other belongings so it’s best to keep these away from your storage space.

Also when it comes to storing away dangerous goods such as weapons, firearms and flammable/toxic chemicals – don’t even think about it. Storing weapons is highly illegal while dangerous chemicals can also emit foul smells and can add explosive fuel to any fire that breaks out.

Wrap Furniture In Plastic 

Giffen Furniture Removals Wrap Furniture In Plastic

It might seem strange that plastic (although water-proof and protective) can cause more harm to your stored furniture rather than protect it. Here’s how: plastic, being a non-breathable material can trap moisture and create condensation that can lead to a build-up of mould and other nasties. So where possible, avoid using plastic wrapping to protect your furniture in storage.



Looking For A Furniture Storage Solution In Brisbane?

No matter if you’re moving house and need some temporary storage space or if you’re simply looking to clear out unused furniture and possessions, Giffen Removals have an affordable and reliable furniture storage solution for you.

With a convenient furniture pickup service at your disposal and easy access locations throughout Brisbane, when it comes to furniture storage, Giffen is the name to trust. Call us today on (07) 3162, 6783 for a fast, free quote.

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