Giffen Furniture Removals Furniture Storage 101

Moving to a new home or have excess furniture in your living space? If selling or offloading your unused furniture is not a viable option for you, placing your furniture into temporary storage may be your best solution.

When it comes to temporary storage solutions, there are several things you may want to consider. Read on to find out more about how to safely protect and store away your unused furniture.

Choosing A Storage Space

Giffen Furniture Removals Choosing A Storage Space

Convenience is a good factor to consider when looking for an appropriate storage solution. Is the storage space accessible or nearby to your location? Are you able to access your belongings easily?

Other factors to consider include: how clean the storage space is and if it is the correct size to fit all of your belongings. In other words, is the storage space suitable for your requirements?

Take the time to shop around for some good deals and source free quotes from local storage suppliers. Some companies offer both a furniture removal and furniture storage service which may come in handy if you are looking for a combined service offer.


Clean It Out

Giffen Furniture Removals Clean It Out

Before storing your furniture away for weeks or even months into your storage space, it would be best to clean it out first.

Inspect the walls and ceiling for insects, cracks or damage and sweep the floors of your space. Scrub the floor and surfaces clean with soap or disinfectant and wait for the area to dry completely. Lay down a tarp or some wood panels to keep your furniture dry, elevated and off the ground.

Don’t want to lift a finger? Perhaps you could hire a cleaning company to take care of it for you.


Clean Furniture

Giffen Furniture Removals Clean Furniture

Be sure that furniture is clean and completely dry before packing it away into storage. This will prevent mould from growing on surfaces. Wipe down wood and other surfaces and clean leather furniture with leather cleaner after spot testing. Vacuum dusty areas and remove any traces of cobwebs.

Cleaning your furniture before transferring them into storage is a good way to keep your storage space cleaner for longer.


Take It Apart

Giffen Furniture Removals Take It Apart

Disassemble furniture where possible so you can maximise your storage space. Remove furniture legs and keep all screws and small parts together in a neatly labelled plastic bag. Store your bagged screws and small parts safely in your storage space so you can easily find them when you need to reassemble.


Cover It Up

Giffen Furniture Removals Cover It Up

Protect your furniture from dust and moisture by covering them up with drop cloths, sheets or old blankets. Try to avoid using non-breathable plastic wrapping to protect your furniture, as this can trap moisture in and create condensation, leading to mould.

Pad out delicate or fragile furniture pieces by wrapping protective bubble wrap around areas that need extra care from damage.


Safe, Strategic Packing

Giffen Furniture Removals Safe Strategic Packing

Carefully plan out how you’re going to store your furniture in your storage space. Take note of the weight, size and value of the furniture goods you are looking to store as this can greatly impact what goes where.

Will you require access to your furniture regularly? If so, store these pieces towards the front of your storage space so you can easily retrieve these items as needed.

Maximise storage space by starting from the bottom and stacking furniture upwards. Keep the lighter, more valuable pieces on top of heavier, less valuable objects. Neatly stack chairs against a wall if possible, to maximise surface space.

Remember to practice personal safety when moving heavy pieces of furniture. Avoid physical injuries and bend from the knees when picking up heavier furniture items and avoid lifting large, heavy pieces you can’t handle on your own. Ask a friend to assist where needed, and use a trolley to move or reposition bulky items.

Looking For A Trusted Furniture Storage Provider In Brisbane?

Storing your furniture is easy when you find the right space and service to suit your needs. With Giffen Furniture Removals, you can be sure that your furniture and possessions will be treated with the best possible care and stored away in a safe, clean and secure environment.

Whether you’re looking to store your furniture for a few weeks, months or even long-term, Giffen Removals offer a cost-effective solution for furniture storage Brisbane locals trust.

Call Giffen Furniture Removals today on (07) 3162 6783 to discuss your furniture storage needs and request a no-obligation free storage quote.

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