Giffen Furniture Removals Choosing The Best Furniture Removalist

A house move is already tough enough, but imagine hiring furniture removalists who mess up or don’t get the job done right? It can be easy for anyone with a truck and a buddy to start up a furniture removalist business, so keep an eye out for those “businesses” that aren’t really businesses.

At Giffen Furniture Removals, we want to help as many people as possible make sure they work only with seasoned moving professionals. Here are 5 tips for choosing the best furniture removalists Brisbane can offer:

1. Background Check Online  

Giffen Furniture Removals Background Check

The first and most important step to finding the best furniture removalists in Brisbane (and any other business for that matter) is research. Give them a thorough background check online, which these days, should only take a matter of minutes.

Legitimate businesses that you can trust will always have a nice and informative website, some social media presence (Facebook or Instagram) with active posts, and online reviews from people who have used their service in the past. Check out these reviews for any red flags, and if the business responded appropriately to any complaints.

If the business has none of these things – an informative and detailed website, an active presence on social media – then you’re just gambling with your money and the safety of your items. Stay safe and stay informed.

2. Ask About Their Exact Process  

Giffen Furniture Removals Process

Next you want to know how they do things exactly. Amateur furniture removalists won’t have a great answer for this; they might just think of an answer on the fly, giving you an answer that might make sense.

However, an experienced veteran team of furniture removalists will have their process nailed down, point by point. They should be able to tell you the step by step process involved with packing, loading, transporting, and unloading your furniture. Any reliable furniture removalist has worked on hundreds if not thousands of removalist jobs, and should therefore know their process at heart.

3. Check for Insurance  

Giffen Furniture Removals Check For Insurance

No matter how much guarantee a furniture removalist team gives that your items will be packed, loaded, transported, and unloaded in pristine condition, you never want to go without any kind of removals insurance.

The best removalists always offer some kind of removals insurance, whether these come in the form of company policies signed with the job, or accredited third party transit insurance providers.

Give yourself the peace of mind in knowing that your items are insured no matter what happens. This means that any possible accident during any part of the job is on the shoulders of the removalists rather than yours.

4. Compare Prices  

Giffen Furniture Removals Compare Prices

Amateur removalists will always try to undercut their more professional competition, simply because that’s the only part of their service that might be preferable to customers.

So if you are looking for professional, reliable, and trustworthy service that you won’t have to worry about, try not to get too much of a bargain with your price, or you might end up with someone who can barely finish the job they set out to do.

You should also think about their quotes and estimates. The more experience a furniture removalist team has, the better they should be at breaking down a specific quote for a potential job. If a team is unable to provide a specific quote with a proper breakdown, that’s a major red flag, indicating that they don’t have the experience that you need for a seamless removal.

5. Find Out If They Offer Anything Extra 

Giffen Furniture Removals Extras

No two furniture removalist teams are the same. Just because one business offers extra features doesn’t mean every other business will. Try to find out about any specific features of extra services that your chosen furniture removalist business offers, and compare.

Ask if they offer packing, loading, and storage services, and any other possible services that could make your moving experience easier and more stress-free. At Giffen Furniture Removal, we offer not only stress-free furniture removals, but prepacking and furniture storage services as well. What more could you want?

Need a Stress-Free Move? Call Giffen Furniture Removals Today

As one of the oldest and most trusted furniture removalists Brisbane can offer, Giffen Furniture Removals provides all the services you would need to make your move as easy and simple as possible.

Contact us for an obligation-free quote for your furniture removal and more, and let Giffen Furniture Removals take the moving stress off your shoulders today!

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