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One of the biggest problems facing homeowners today is having way too much stuff, or not having the space to store their stuff. We get it—it’s easy to get bogged down with decades worth of items; some things have sentimental value, some things simply can’t be thrown away, and some things aren’t even yours, but you have them anyway.

The problem? No one likes living in an overly crowded home. Year after year, finding the room and space to store all your items safely and securely becomes more and more difficult, until you have no more space at all. So what can you do? Find a North Brisbane storage service. And with Giffen Furniture Removals, we offer exactly that. Continue reading to find out all the storage services we offer.

Storage Services

There isn’t just one kind of storage. While some people can make do with a single storage room, Giffen Furniture Removals takes it one step further by offering specific storage services.

We understand the nuances of different kinds of items and their storage needs, and want to provide North Brisbane residents with the best option outside of their own home.

But we guarantee that all of our storage services are given the best treatment possible. With a full inventory of goods, complete privacy and security, and professionally packaged material with no exposure to any kind of hazardous waste or corrosive material, there is no better place for your North Brisbane storage needs.

Our storage services include:

Giffen Furniture Removals Man Carrying A Box

Self Storage: Self-storage is the option many of our customers choose, and it’s not hard to see why. The self-storage option allows you to come to our storage facilities and have full access to your items whenever you see fit. If you need to come over and retrieve or check your items right away, there is nothing stopping you; you will have full access to everything you own.


Giffen Furniture Removals Office Furniture

Business Storage: Running a business can be difficult, and finding a place to put all of your items can be a giant headache. Maybe you own a restaurant and you have an entire new set of tables and chairs, but you haven’t made plans to sell or throw out your older tables and chairs yet. Whatever the case might be, we offer the business storage option for businesses that need their own personal storage centre.


Giffen Furniture Removals Wine Storage

Wine and Drinks Storage: Are you a collector of fine wines and rare drinks from around the world? Do you need to find a safe and modern facility to store your spirits and alcohol? Giffen Furniture Removals offers storage services in North Brisbane to help you keep all of your wine and alcohol in pristine condition.


Giffen Furniture Removals Furniture Storage

Furniture Storage: When you are renovating a home, the easy part is buying a new bed, couch, dining table, and everything else. The hard part is figuring out what to do with all the old stuff. If you are not ready to throw old furniture out, storing them might be the best option. After all, why throw out a perfectly good piece of furniture, when it might be useful five, ten, or fifteen years from now?


Giffen Furniture Removals Document Storage

Financial Documents and Records Management: Sometimes you don’t need space as much as you need long-lasting security and safety. For cases in which you might have important financial documents and records that need to stay safe and secure for an indefinite amount of time, we are here to fulfill these storage needs. Our records management will make sure that your documents stay safe and accessible whenever they are needed. Never lose an important document again with Giffen Furniture Removals.

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Stop worrying about where to store your old things, and stop letting your home or business get uncomfortable and overcrowded with items that you just don’t know what to do with. Letting them rot away and slowly get that old “wear and tear” will do nothing but take away from their value as time goes on.

Contact us today and let us help you figure out the best quote possible for your storage needs. At Giffen Furniture Removals, all your North Brisbane storage needs will be met.

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