Giffen Furniture Removals When Is The Best Time To Move House?

Moving house can be a rather time consuming and busy period for most people – which is why it makes sense to kickstart the planning process as soon as you possibly can. While there can be a variety of different things to consider when it comes to planning your move, a very good place to start is to decide when is the best time to move house.

If you happen to have some flexibility around your moving dates and are trying to decide on the most cost effective or perhaps least busy time to move, read our handy guide below for some tips and tricks to help with making the right decision for your circumstance.


Move When You’re Ready

Giffen Furniture Removals Move When You're Ready

While it might be more ideal in terms of cost effectiveness or even busyness to move house during a particular time, some people may unfortunately only have a certain time or date when they are available to move house. If this is the case, simply try to work within the limited timeframe you have and organise your removalist or rent a moving vehicle as soon as possible to get the ball rolling, rather than leaving things to the last minute.

For those people who have greater flexibility when it comes to scheduling a suitable moving date, take your time to do some research first before deciding on things such as how you will move (i.e. hiring a removalist vs DIY), when you will move (which time of day, year or month) and how you can best maximise your time and resources while saving on your moving budget.



Time Of The Day

Morning, evening or afternoon? If you’re considering what time of the day is best when moving house, moving your furniture or belongings first thing in the morning is the most ideal. Moving early during the day means less traffic on the road (and therefore less delays). Plus you can use the rest of the afternoon to unpack and start settling into your new space once your belongings have reached your new address.



Best Day To Move

Giffen Furniture Removals Best Day To Move

The majority of people often choose to move house on weekends to minimise any interruption to their work week (and school time if you have children). Therefore it goes without saying that if you’re looking to save money on moving costs, it’s best to opt for a weekday move by avoiding the higher weekend demand for removalist services.

On the other hand, if you’re looking into a DIY move with your own moving vehicle, consider moving on a Friday so that you can have the remainder of your weekend to rearrange your belongings and unpack.



Which Month Is Best?

If you have full control over choosing which month to move, you may want to think about how you cope during different seasons of the year. If you don’t like the heat and warmer weather, you may choose to move during the cooler months instead.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind the warmer weather, moving during summer time might be best so you can take advantage of the longer days and sunlight while you move.



Preparing For Your Move

Giffen Furniture Removals Preparing For Your Move

So you’ve finally decided on the best time to move your furniture and other precious belongings. What next? Here are some more handy tips for a successful house move:

  • Get started on organising your move as soon as possible. Be sure to book your removalist, or hire a moving vehicle as far ahead in advance.
  • Prepare packing materials ahead of time such as moving boxes, bubble wrap, moving tape and scissors to minimise any interruptions while packing your belongings.
  • Minimise your belongings ahead of your move where possible to save time and effort with packing. Offload your belongings by selling, donating to a charity or giving away unwanted things to family and friends. If you’re pushed for time during your move, perhaps you should consider leaving the packing to professional pre-packers to take care if it for you.



Need A Hand With Your House Move?

Once you’ve worked out what time is best for your move, you can stress less and get your house move done safely and cost-effectively with help from the professionals at Giffen Removals. Brisbane locals know and trust Giffen Removals for our quality furniture removal, prepacking and storage services. Speak to our team and ask for an obligation free quote today!

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