Giffen Furniture Removals What To Do When Moving House in the Rain in Brisbane

As anyone who’s gone through it can tell you, moving house does not make for a fun day. Uprooting your entire home and moving it to a new location can be one of the most stressful things you might ever be asked to do, especially if you tend to be more hands-on and involved in the moving process.

But here’s one thing that no one ever considers when planning for that dreaded moving day: the weather. What are you going to do if that sunny and clear sky that you are expecting suddenly falls victim to dark and stormy clouds with the worst rain imaginable? When moving house, Brisbane residents should always take the weather into consideration, and prepare the best ways to deal with it.

So how do you deal with moving house in Brisbane when your nice sunny day turns into rain city?


Be Insured!

Giffen Furniture Removals Be Insured

We can’t emphasize this enough: rain can destroy most of your items during a move. It can be tempting to ignore the rain and think of it as nothing more than a light drizzle, but believe us—when it comes to your home items, you don’t want most of them rained on. Even just a little bit of rain can go a long way towards long-term damage and disrepair.

By getting yourself insured, you protect yourself from the possibility of losing thousands of dollars from a rainy moving day. The good news is that you might already have this kind of insurance without even knowing it (with home insurance), so double check your contracts before signing up to anything new.


Pack Responsibly

Giffen Furniture Removals Pack Responsibly

Has it been raining lately? Are there weather reports of incoming storms? Are you currently suffering a drought, but have a strange feeling it might rain on moving day? Regardless of your circumstances, it’s best to prepare for the worst. When packing, pack your items as if they are going to have to survive a monsoon. Sure, it might make packing that much more difficult, but you will thank your lucky stars for every item you save should the downpour begin during your move.

This means avoid using cardboard at all costs. Plastic packing containers can be rented for cheap; not only does this protect your items from soggy cardboard boxes in the rain, but it also means you have nothing to throw away afterwards. Alternatives to plastic containers include garbage bags and covering your cardboard with cling film.


Plan It Out

Giffen Furniture Removals Plan It Out

When you’re sitting in the moving truck, wondering how you’re going to move your boxes from the truck to the house, the best thing you can do is plan everything out. Make sure to move those items in the way that protects them from the rain the most.

The first step, of course, is to lay down some material into your front door as you walk into your new home. This will give you and the movers a place to wipe their feet and dry themselves off instead of tracking mud and dirt into the rest of the house. For this, you can use everything from carpets to bed sheets to old clothes. Avoid plastic as your material of choice as it might end up ripping and making everything more slippery.


One Room at a Time

Giffen Furniture Removals One Room At A Time

This is part of the “planning it out” point—don’t waste your time unloading the entire truck and dumping everything right at the entrance of your home while the rain is coming down hard. Instead, pull out the furniture and boxes that apply to a single room. Move your items one room at a time—this makes for a cleaner and more organised job overall, and increases the likelihood that the rain might stop before you have to unload the whole truck.


Still Having Trouble?

Giffen Furniture Removals Still Having Trouble

No matter how much preparation you do, you still can’t avoid the difficulty of going through a moving day while drowning in the rain. One way or another, we have to tell you: it’s going to be a day to remember, and not in a good way.

So why not get professionals to help you out? Brisbane’s house moving pros Giffen Furniture Removals can turn your nightmare into a walk in the park. Why worry about soggy cardboard boxes, rain-damaged goods, and amateurs tracking wet, muddy prints all over your brand-new house? Why worry about even lifting a single finger when we can do everything you need and more?


Contact Us and Request a Quote Today!

At Giffen Furniture Removals, we help homeowners all the time with moving house in Brisbane. Our team of experts have seen it all, and rain or shine, we can ensure your moving day is a great success.

So give us a call or find us online and request a quote for your next move!

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