Giffen Furniture Removals Top Time-saving Tips For Your House Move

Moving house can be an expensive and time-consuming exercise for most of us. There’s lots to do and organise including packing, cleaning and shifting all of your belongings over to your new place.

The good news is, there’s lots of tips and tricks you can do to minimise hiccups and ensure a smooth and stress-free house move. Here are some handy packing and furniture removal tips from the professionals at Giffen Furniture Removals for a speedy and more enjoyable moving experience:


1. Formulate A Plan

Giffen Furniture Removals Formulate A Plan

Get an idea of how you will work towards your house move by creating a week-by-week schedule of what needs actioning in the weeks ahead of your move. List down all the tasks that need completion, materials needed, the people or companies you need to get in touch with regarding your move. Be sure to also list these tasks down next to the date they need to be completed by.

Start adding important tasks to your calendar and create a realistic timeframe for you to work to. By having a clear plan in place, you can prioritise the most important aspects of your move, meet deadlines and ensure that you won’t forget anything along the way.


2. Start Packing Right Now

Giffen Furniture Removals Start Packing Today

Whether you have a few months, weeks or just several days, the sooner you start packing, the sooner you can finish the task.

While packing can be a tedious and repetitive task that most of us would rather not do, there are many benefits to packing sooner rather than stressing at the very last minute. If you leave it too late to pack, you may find yourself in the unwanted situation of packing on moving day while the removalists are moving your belongings to the truck –an exercise that could end up costing you more in removalist fees if you are running behind schedule.


3. Hire A Moving Company Fast

Giffen Furniture Removals Hire A Moving Company Fast

Once you’ve confirmed your moving date, get in touch with your local furniture removal specialist as soon as you can. Reaching out to your local removalist as early as possible will help increase your chances of securing a moving truck and removalist team on your preferred time and date.

Don’t forget to ring around for the best deals. If you require additional moving services for your house move such as pre-packing or furniture storage etc, check in with your local mover to see if they can offer you a bundled solution.

Don’t need a professional removalist to move your things? Perhaps hiring a moving truck for a DIY move would be more suitable for your needs. As with booking in a removalist, the sooner you hire a moving truck, the better so you can focus your attention on other aspects of your house move.


4. Streamline Your Possessions

Giffen Furniture Removals Streamline

If you can spare some time ahead of packing, consider tossing out items you no longer need or want. By culling your belongings before you start to pack, you can ensure that you only take your most used and treasured items with you to your new place.

There’s no point in spending hours boxing up unwanted items and getting your movers to relocate them for you, only to dispose of them later on at the other end.

So save yourself a great deal of time and money at the start of your house move process and make a conscious decision to only take the items you love and care about with you to your new place.

5. Pack Like A Pro

Giffen Furniture Removals Pack Like A Pro

Be sure to grab the right moving materials to protect and organise your belongings. Must-have packing essentials include:

  • Strong moving boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Thick markers for labelling moving boxes
  • Bubble wrap/other padding materials for protecting valuables

Avoid overfilling your moving boxes and be sure to label box contents so you can locate your things easily without having to open up every single box later on to find your belongings.


6. Get Some Help

Giffen Furniture Removals Get Some Help

One of the easiest ways to save time on your house move is to get others involved. By enlisting friends and family members to help out with packing or even moving your items, you can save on time, as well as on money that would otherwise be spent on hiring professionals to do the heavy lifting for you. 


The Ultimate Time Saving Moving Solution

Pushed for time on your upcoming house move? Get a professional on board to help!

Giffen Furniture Removals are Brisbane’s leading furniture removal specialists. We offer a wide selection of moving options that can be custom-tailored to save you time while catering to your individual moving requirements.

From pre-packing services to furniture storage and furniture removals, we’ve got your all your moving needs covered. Visit our website or call today for a great combo deal or to request an obligation free quote on any of our moving services.

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