Giffen Furniture Removals Top 10 Things People Forget To Do During A House Move

When it comes to a house move, there are lots of things to do and organise ahead of moving day. It comes as no surprise then that people will often forget what may seem like the most basic of tasks during this house move process.

To help jog your memory and ensure nothing gets missed, we’ve listed 10 of the most common things people forget when moving house.


1. Let others know you’re moving

Giffen Furniture Removals Let Others Know

While most of us these days opt for electronic bank statements and bills to be sent to us via email, we still sometimes do get the odd deliveries to our post box. To prevent other people from getting a hold of your sensitive information, you should consider a temporary mail redirection to ensure your mail gets sent over to your new place.

Also, don’t forget to let regular service providers know about your house move so they can update their records. To help you out, below is a short list of people and organisations to notify of your move:

  • Banks
  • Insurance providers
  • Utility companies
  • Government departments (including the electoral department and car registration department)
  • Family and friends
  • The local gym (you may need to cancel your membership by the way)
  • Schools


2. Hidden cash

Got a secret hiding spot for your stash of emergency cash or some valuables you’ve hidden away for protection? Before you leave your current address, don’t forget to go back to wherever you’ve hidden your precious items (whether it be under the floorboards or the crawlspace) and take them out of their hiding spot so you can bring them over to your new address.


3. Prescriptions & dry cleaning

Giffen Furniture Removals Dry Cleaning

Have a good think about any items that you haven’t claimed from nearby service providers. Have you got a prescription sitting at the chemist that needs picking up, or perhaps some dry cleaning? Be sure to collect these things ahead of moving day, especially if you’re considering moving interstate or further away.


4. Spare keys

Have you got a spare key hidden away in your garden under a rock or one being held for safekeeping by a trusted friend or neighbour living nearby? While you won’t be needing the spare key anymore for your old place once you leave, you may want to pass this on to the new tenants.


5. Items in storage areas 

Giffen Furniture Removals Items In Storage

Be sure to check that you’ve emptied all storage areas at your current place ahead of your move. Check the garden shed, garage, cupboards, built-in storage and the attic for any items you might be in danger of leaving behind.


6. Things from the garden

Got a thriving collection of pot plants, herbs or outdoor furniture sitting in your backyard? Be sure to pack these up with you if you’d like to take them to your new place or otherwise give them away to your local neighbours and friends.


7. Label your boxes 

Giffen Furniture Removals Label Your Boxes

While this one might seem like a no brainer, when people are rushing around to get the packing done, this task is sometimes overlooked. Be sure to clearly label each moving box with a thick marker outlining the box’s contents and which room it belongs to for ease of unpacking at the other end of your house move.


8. Pack an essentials box

When you’re pushed for time during a house move, packing an additional moving box might seem like a lot of extra work. Trust us though when we tell you how beneficial this can be once you’re surrounded by many moving boxes at your new place and can’t find your essential everyday items. Rather than opening up every single box searching for each item you need, why not take a little time to pack them all into one box ahead of moving day.

Your essentials box can be filled with the following items: a change of clothes, pyjamas, towel, toothbrush, toiletries, toilet paper, cutlery, plates and cups.


9. Chargers 

Giffen Furniture Removals Chargers

What would we all do without our phone or computer chargers these days? Before vacating the premises, do a sweep of the floors and usual device charging areas for any stray chargers and powerboards that haven’t made it into moving boxes.

And if you haven’t yet sealed your essentials box mentioned above, you may want to throw your phone charger in there too.


10. Plan B

It’s always good to be prepared (rather than not) in the event that something goes wrong during your move. Try to have a plan B in mind to ensure your move isn’t a complete disaster – in the event things don’t go your way. Be sure to line up some emergency help or have a friend with a ute on standby just in case you need it.



Move House The Easy Way 

Giffen Furniture Removals Move House The Easy Way

While a house move can often be stressful, you don’t have to do it all yourself. Hiring a professional to help with various aspects of your move can really help take some of the weight off your shoulders so your move runs smoothly.

Brisbane’s Giffen Removals can help with furniture pre-packing, furniture removals and furniture storage options to help make your move less stressful for you.

Call our team today on (07) 3162 6783 and ask for a free quote.

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