Giffen Furniture Removals The Checklist Everyone Needs When Moving House

Moving from one house to another is one of the most exciting yet stressful events we all have to deal with. The excitement stems from the knowledge that you are about to experience a huge change in your everyday life (because it’s not every day that we call a new place home). But the stress comes from the insane amount of work and preparation that needs to be done; after all, uprooting your entire existence and planting yourself in a new place isn’t easy.

That’s why Giffen Furniture Removals have put together this comprehensive and complete house moving checklist. We’ve divided the checklists into categories depending on how much time you have left before the move, and things you need to prepare and do even an entire month prior to the big day. Whether you haven’t a single clue where to even start, or you just need a few reminders and tips from the pros, this guide is guaranteed to help you.


General Tips For Solo Packers

Giffen Furniture Removals General Tips For Solo Packers

Let’s start off with the general tips for those of you who want to go at this alone, without the help of expert packers. Follow this checklist to give your movers the best help:

  • Make an inventory list. Make sure you are aware of all the existing scratches and damage on your items, and mark fragile items accordingly.
  • Label every box and carton so as to avoid future headaches.
  • Stock up on white butcher’s paper for packing, not newspapers (this can ruin items with ink).
  • Pack a separate bag with the basic essentials: bathroom items, medications, kettle and coffee set, scissors, snacks, items for pets, important toys for the kids, small tools, tape, toilet paper, and anything else. This will be your go-to bag when you move but you don’t want to unpack yet.
  • Personal and sentimental items should remain close to you—in a personal bag or in your vehicle.


Before Move: 1 Month

Giffen Furniture Removals Before Move 1 Month

  • Start throwing away items you won’t need in your new home
  • Begin finishing opened jars and packets of food in the kitchen
  • Go through your shed, garage, and other lesser-travelled areas of the home
  • Stick all your important moving documents in a single shared folder
  • If you have kids, start transferring their documents to new schools or day care centres
  • If moving abroad, finalise situations with visas, tickets, passports, accommodation, and foreign currencies
  • Have a professional garbage pick-up
  • Keep expensive/valuable items (jewellery, documents) in a separate bag carried by you
  • If necessary, work with local storage units
  • Make sure your new home has Internet, electricity, and running water
  • Let your current utility providers know your moving dates
  • Go through your home insurance
  • Study the different floor plans of your current and new home—what will fit and what won’t
  • Use all the food in the back of the freezer
  • Contact the post office and let them know your new address and when you are moving
  • Cancel current delivery subscriptions
  • If you have any borrowed items, now is the time to return them
  • Triple check with all parties involved regarding dates and times for settlement, key collection, and more
  • Stock up on your family’s records: dental, medical, and school records
  • Note down the items that will need extra special handling


Before Move: 2 Weeks

Giffen Furniture Removals Before Move 2 Weeks

  • Notify the local authorities of your move
  • Ask friends or relatives if they can assist you with your kids or pets while you move
  • Make sure that you hire professional cleaners to go through every part of your new home: carpets, kitchen appliances, floors, walls, and more
  • Prepare a kit with essential tools: pen knife, lightbulbs, screwdriver, hammer, nails, Allen keys, wall hooks
  • Arrange a time on moving day with a locksmith to change your locks immediately
  • Notify your employer about your move to take time off on the day itself
  • Get a final read for your utility metres
  • Take your car to the shop
  • Stock up on family medications and prescriptions
  • If necessary, discuss with your bank that you will be working with another branch
  • Return any borrowed items, such as books
  • Begin changing the addresses on your subscriptions and online accounts


Before Move: 1 Week

Giffen Furniture Removals Before Move 1 Week

  • Take apart the children’s backyard equipment and store them
  • Talk to all third parties involved, and confirm the dates and times of your meetings
  • Discuss the move with your service people if necessary, including gardeners and babysitters
  • Water the houseplants and store them in plastic cases
  • Prepare the exact furniture location of each piece in your new home
  • Buy and wash new towels, bed linens and sheets, giving your family clean items on their first night in the new home
  • Store your electronic appliances, such as printers and phones. Create external backups of your data and keep them in a safe location
  • Check out the neighbourhood of your new home; try to get to know a neighbour or two


Before Move: 1 Day

Giffen Furniture Removals Before Move 1 Day

  • Tell your neighbours that you are now leaving
  • Prepare cash for any unexpected events or emergencies
  • Unplug all electronic devices, and keep the cords in a single box
  • Pack up your personal items and keep them close to you, such as laptops and phones
  • Defrost the refrigerator and freezer; throw out all remaining food
  • One final check around the house: throw away everything you won’t need


Too Much To Do, Too Little Time?

Giffen Furniture Removals Too Much To Do So Little Time Hire A Professional Removalist

We get it—going through a checklist like the one above can be daunting, especially if your moving day is a lot closer than you realized. But there’s no reason to start stressing over everything and catching up on weeks’ worth of preparation on your own: with professional removal services, you can sit back and let us do all of the work.

Giffen Furniture Removals is exactly what you need. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners move from old homes to new homes with ease. With so much else on your mind, why worry about all the little details of your move?

Contact us today and request a quote for all your moving and furniture storage needs.

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