Giffen Furniture Removals The Best Solutions To Moving Your Furniture Interstate

Life is all about change, and one of the biggest changes we can go through is moving house. But moving house across the country can incredibly difficult, particularly when it comes to interstate moving with your furniture and the rest of your belongings. There are thousands of things you have to think about and remember, from using the right packing materials for every individual item to hiring a truck to move everything interstate.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians move interstate every year, with one estimate from the Australian Bureau of Statistics clocking in at nearly 400,000 annually. With all this interstate moving comes countless people asking the question: “How?” Well we’re here today to help you out, with our best solutions to moving your furniture interstate.

What’s Your Top Concern: Safety Or Savings?

For many Australian homeowners moving interstate, the top priority seems to be focusing on coming away from the project with the most savings you can get. However, sacrificing quality and cutting corners can lead to risks you might not want to take on. If savings are your top priority, then check out the following tips:

1. Rent A Truck

Giffen Furniture Removals Rent A Truck

There are dozens of businesses out there that are more than happy to rent anyone looking for a truck, and this can save you a bit during your interstate move. By hiring a truck, you put the weight of loading, transporting, and unloading your items.

But those come with their own problems you have to figure out on your own. Such as:

  • The best way to lift and carry all the items from your old home to the truck without damaging any of the walls, flooring, or items
  • The best way to do it all again when you have to unload all your items into your new home
  • Packing and unpacking items, keeping track of everything on your own
  • Any damage to your items will come out of your own pocket, so make sure everything is moved according to plan

2. Prepare Several Meals In Advance

Giffen Furniture Removals Prepare Several Meals In Advance

One thing that many homeowners don’t consider then moving interstate is just how difficult it will be to uproot your entire home and plant everything back down quickly and effectively. If you end up doing everything on your own, the loading, moving, and unloading itself can take an entire day (if not several days). And that’s not even considering the time it will take to unpack your essentials, from your kitchenware to your kitchen appliances.

So that means you need to prepare several meals in advance. Unless you’re comfortable ordering take out for the next several days as you and your family get settled in, it’s safe to say that you should prepare at least three days’ worth of meals before you step in that moving truck.

3. Sell The Old, Buy The New

Giffen Furniture Removals Sell The Old, Buy The New

Sometimes it’s better to know when to cut away and start anew, and this includes your home furniture and other things you might not need anymore (or are long overdue for an upgrade). Since moving everything from your living room couch to your washing machine can be a literal pain in the back, you might want to consider just selling everything before you leave and buying brand new versions in your new home.

This saves you the trouble of loading and unloading, and means you might be able to complete the move without a truck at all. But be warned: buying new items might end up costing you much more than you save by doing it yourself.

4. Borrow And Ask For Help

Giffen Furniture Removals Borrow And Ask For Help

Who needs to hire when you’ve got friends who are happy to lend a hand? Friends and family should always be happy to give you a hand with your interstate moving, as long as you give them enough of a heads-up. Just offer them a nice dinner or drinks at your new home and they’ll help you get settled as if it were their own.

And if you have a friend who already owns a truck or a trailer, that’s even better. Just figure out how to get them to lend you the truck or trailer for the day, and get around the fees of renting your own truck. But remember—this isn’t an easy favour to ask, and it will mean you’ll be obligated to do some back-breaking work for your mates in the future.

Opting Out Of DIY? The Professionals At Giffen Furniture Removals Are Ready To Lend A Hand!

GIffen Furniture Removals Opting Out Of DIY

While doing it yourself when it comes to interstate moving can be a fun if not daring project, there are three things for sure: it won’t be easy, it will take a ton of time and energy, and you risk damaging your items during the entire ordeal.

Sometimes, spending your hard-earned money is worth the investment, and if it means keeping your valuable and precious items insured and in professional hands, then why not?

At Giffen Furniture Removals, we have helped countless homeowners uproot and settle into their new homes, stress and issue-free. With years of expertise, we can guarantee that we know exactly how to move even the biggest refrigerator and the most priceless portraits and vases from state to state without a single dent or scratch.

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