Giffen Furniture Removals Should I Sell Or Store My Furniture

Moving to a new place is an exciting but often a stressful experience. You have to decide a million things, including which furniture to bring with you and which ones to leave. At Giffen Furniture Removals, we are often asked if it’s better to sell or store your furniture. Here’s what we think:

Factors To Consider Before Selling Your Furniture

1. Monetary Value

How much is your furniture worth? Is it cheaper buying new furniture? These are the questions you should consider when deciding which is a better option, financially speaking. If you are planning to move a rusty old couch, it’s obviously better to sell it to someone instead of spending the money on a hiring company to bring it with you.

Household appliances like stoves and refrigerators aren’t easy to move, and if you were only using these for a couple of years, there will always be buyers around the corner. While staples are generally easy to sell, limited edition furniture pieces and other quirky additions you have in your home may also fetch up a good price.

If you’re dealing with antiques and art, it’s always good to get an appraisal from a professional to ensure that you get back your money’s worth.

Giffen Furniture Removals Monetary Value


2. Practical Value 

Just because your wooden oak desk is worth a lot doesn’t mean it’s automatically valuable. Especially when it’s clogging up your closet space, waiting to be used again.

Practical value is all about making the most out of your liveable space. No matter how gorgeous or sentimental or expensive a piece is, if you can’t find a purpose for that piece of furniture, chances are you’re clinging on to it for all the wrong reasons. When it comes to deciding which furniture should come and go, it all boils down to practical value.

One way to evaluate if a piece is worth moving with you or not is to ask yourself these questions:

  • Will this furniture fit my current home?
  • Is this in good condition?
  • Will I be able to use this furniture for many years to come?
  • Does it reflect the style I currently have for my home?
  • Am I going to use it?

Is your answer yes? If so, it may be a good option to keep these beloved items with you.

Giffen Furniture Removals Practical Value


3. Sentimental Value 

Let’s face it: sometimes the true worth of objects can’t be measured by money or utility. Sometimes we just want to keep items because they remind us of who we were and who we are going to be. Homes will always be a person’s extension of themselves, and what better way to express yourself than by adorning your space with little bits and pieces of you?

However, you should be able to draw a line between purely sentimental objects and actual useful furniture. Keep family heirlooms and your well-treasured gifts but store or sell the ones you can easily replace.

Giffen Furniture Removals Sentimental Value


To Sell Or To Store: That Is The Question

1. How much does it cost to relocate your furniture? 

It depends on where you’re moving. If you’re relocating in the same area, it’s better to keep your old furniture because it’s likelier to be cheaper than buying new ones.

It’s another story if you’re moving halfway across the world. International shipments tend to cost a lot of money, not to mention that your furniture will be weighed and priced accordingly.

Giffen Furniture Removals is the trusted choice of Brisbane homeowners. Make sure to contact your local furniture removals company and ask for a quote so you can make better, informed choices.

Giffen Furniture Removals How Much Does It Cost To Relocate Your Furniture


2. How difficult is it to relocate your furniture? 

Price isn’t the only thing that matters. While it may be true that locating in another city in the same country may not be as expensive as buying new furniture, it also may not be as easy. Especially if we’re talking about installing pieces of furniture, think about having to disassemble those, moving them out, and installing them at your new place.

If your new home is about 5 hours away from your old place, ask yourself if your furniture is valuable enough that you’re willing to lug it around for hours. How easy is it to bring it up to your place? Perhaps it’s more strenuous to reassemble everything you own instead of buying something online?

While local moves are considerably more affordable than long distance moves, the effort you need to relocate items may not be enough incentive to bring your furniture with you.

Giffen Furniture Removals How Difficult Is It To Relocate your Furniture


The Alternative: Storing Your Furniture 

Most people think that storage solutions are counterproductive. After all, why would you want to keep items you are not going to use anyway?

Storage facilities are actually a great option for homeowners who are still on the fence about their furniture. Selling your items and leaving them behind are pretty permanent situations, and sometimes what we choose may not end up being the right one.

More importantly, furniture storage allows you to keep things that are sentimental to you but may provide any utility to your current home. At Giffen Furniture Removals, our furniture storage solutions are here to keep your items safe while you decide what to do with them.

Giffen Furniture Removals Storing Your Furniture


Let’s Get Packing!

Contact Giffen Furniture Removals today to get a free quote on local and interstate moves.

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