Giffen Furniture Removals How To Clean Your New Home Before You Move In

You’ve finally received the keys to your new home. What next?

Moving into a new home can be an exciting and busy time. More often than not, you’ll just want to get in and start unpacking your things right away so you can get settled and enjoy your new place.

So why should you spend your time cleaning up your new place when it already looks spotless and well cleaned by the previous tenant? Read on to find out more.


Why Clean Your New Place? 

Giffen Furniture Removals New Place

While most people do the right thing and give their old place a good final scrub before leaving the property for the new tenant to move into, there are often times when they just don’t do that good of a job.

If you do happen to get the keys to your new place ahead of moving day, maybe you could take this as the perfect opportunity to give the place a proper once over while it’s still empty.

Here are some additional reasons to clean your new property before settling in:


Other People’s Germs

Even though the place already looks spotless, it’s still a good idea to go over the common areas, especially the bathroom and kitchen. Go over high touch areas such as light switches and stair railings with a cloth and disinfectant to really ensure shared surfaces are clean and germ-free.



Vacuum any cobwebs from the ceiling corners and in between nooks and crannies and remove any dead insects or pest droppings from the floor and window sills. Note: droppings can indicate if there are any unwanted pests around so it would be best to address this ASAP.


Getting To Know You

Doing a house clean ahead of your move will give you the chance to get an idea of the overall house layout and where the power sockets and light switches are; not to mention you’ll also get a good feel of the space before deciding where to position your furniture and belongings.


Storage Spaces

Be proactive and prepare cupboards and drawers before you fill them so they are clean, tidy and ready for when your belongings arrive. 


Cleaning Your New Place From Top To Bottom 

Giffen Furniture Removals Top To Bottom

As a general rule, when cleaning any room, it’s best to start from the top of the room and then move your way down.

Be sure to clean walls, floors, lighting fixtures, shelving and built-in storage areas. Also, read cleaning product instructions before use, to make sure you don’t damage any surfaces at your new place.


  • Stove, oven and rangehood – soak and scrub any areas that are caked up with food and grime. Get some heavy duty oven cleaner to make light work of removing baked on dirt
  • Cupboards & drawers – vacuum any loose bits of dust and crumbs before wiping down with a soft cloth and some disinfectant spray
  • Walls – carefully sponge walls with some water mixed in with sugar soap. Remove scuff marks from walls with a magic sponge eraser
  • Floors – mop floors clean with antibacterial floor cleaning products
  • Sink – give the kitchen sink a good spray with a cleaning product and rinse off any dust and any food residue
  • Kitchen appliances – carefully wipe kitchen appliances clean with a soft towel and warm soapy water


Bathroom & Toilet

  • Toilet bowl – scrub clean with a toilet brush and wipe down the cistern, toilet seat and cover
  • Shower & bathtub – scrub away mould and soap scum residue using a brush and bathroom cleaning products and rinse off with water
  • Sink – wipe around the sink areas and rinse off
  • Cupboards & drawers – wipe these areas clean with a soft cloth and warm soapy water
  • Walls – wipe clean with a cloth and if tiled, use bathroom cleaning products
  • Floors – vacuum and mop clean


Bedrooms And Living Room

  • Light fixtures & fans – get on a step ladder and then wipe clean with a soft cloth and water
  • Walls – wipe clean with a soft cloth
  • Floor – clean according to the surface material – e.g. mop tiles and lino, polish wooden flooring, vacuum carpets
  • Shelves – wipe clean with a soft cloth
  • Built-in storage – vacuum and then wipe coat hanger rails and shelf space
  • Blinds & window sills – dust blinds and wipe clean if possible. Vacuum dead insects and dirt from sills and then wipe clean with soapy water


Garage & Storage Shed

  • Sweep up floors of leaves and other debris
  • Scrub motor oil stains from cement with a strong detergent or degreaser
  • Give the walls a quick wipe down
  • Vacuum up any cobwebs and insects from the corners of the room or in window sills


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