Giffen Furniture Removals How To Choose An Affordable Furniture Removalist

Choosing the right furniture removalist is not always an easy task. At first glance, most professional removalists appear to have similar offerings. But this is not always the case.

If you’re looking to relocate your home or office to an entirely new location, and you’re searching for an experienced, reliable and affordable furniture removalist to help, you’ll want to read our handy guide below on how to find the best service provider to suit your needs.


Think About Your Specific Requirements

Giffen Furniture Removals Specific Requirements

The first thing to do before considering various service providers is to really think about what types of services you require. Here are some points worth considering when thinking about your needs:

  • What is your moving budget?
  • How far are you looking to move (i.e. locally or interstate)?
  • When are you looking to move (approximate moving date)?
  • How much stuff will be moving over to your new space?
  • Do you need help with packing up your belongings?
  • Will you need temporary furniture storage in the interim?


Do Your Research

Before you go ahead and book the first furniture removalist you come across, it’s best to do some research first so you know a little bit more about what types of services are out there as well as what the average cost is for an affordable furniture removalist service.


Finding A Removalist

Giffen Furniture Removals Finding A Removalist

There are lots of different ways to find a trustworthy removalist. If you’re not sure where to start, below are some tips for locating a suitable service provider:

  • Ask family and friends for their recommendations – getting opinions on service providers that close friends and family have already ‘road tested’ can give you an idea of service providers that might be worth hiring
  • Do an online search – doing a quick online search will bring up some furniture removalists in your area
  • Read reviews – once you’ve located some potential removalists, check out their online reviews from previous customers who’ve used their services. This should give you an overview or idea of what to expect when you hire these companies. Don’t just focus on negative reviews, but also take a look at the positive reviews to get a more rounded overview on each service provider.
  • Once you’ve selected some potential service providers, be sure to reach out to them to enquire about their service offering as well as their prices so you can compare your options and make a decision on the best solution for your moving needs.


Additional Things To Consider When Comparing Service Providers

Giffen Furniture Removals Additional Things To Consider

Choose Value, Not The Cheapest

Just remember that just because a service provider is more expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality of service they provide will be optimum. Same goes for vice versa when a service provider charges less for their services. Cheaper doesn’t always mean that the quality of the service that they provide will be poor.

Try to aim for a service provider who offers more bang for buck and is not necessarily the cheapest service provider. At the end of the day, you’ll want to ensure that your belongings are well looked after and cared for during your move so it’s best to choose wisely.



Look at hiring a service provider that’s had many years of experience and training behind them. By hiring a furniture removalist with a good reputation you can trust that your beloved possessions will be treated with the utmost care and respect.

Plus a more reputable furniture removalist who’s been around for quite some time will know how to carefully and efficiently move your belongings without any damage caused to your items or your property.



Giffen Furniture Removals – Brisbane’s Trusted Removalists  

Giffen Furniture Removals are Brisbane's leading furniture removal specialists.

For almost 30 years the team at Giffen Furniture Removals have been helping Brisbane locals with their home and office removal needs. We offer affordable and reliable furniture moving services as well as a few additional services that set us apart from our competitors:

Call us on (07) 3162 6783 or get in touch with us online and enquire about our affordable furniture removalist services today.

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