Living in a disorganised space can shape the way you perceive your home. Instead of being a relaxing place after work, your home becomes another source of stress. Because of this, you never feel like you’re resting or resetting after a long day.

Don’t let clutter stand in the way between you and your precious home alone time. With these organisational tips, you’ll find that keeping your home stress-free has never been this easy:


1. Choose Multipurpose Furniture  

Giffen Furniture Removals Multipurpose Furniture

Clutter can easily go from a short magazine stack on top of the counter into a full-on junk drawer situation if you’re not careful. There’s only so much surface you can have in your home so make sure to prioritise storage when you’re furniture shopping.

This doesn’t mean your house has to be filled with shelves. Choose furniture pieces that have built-in storage. From ottomans to beds to tables to even lamps, there are so many multipurpose furniture available that will help keep clutter tucked away, while keeping your home effortlessly beautiful. 

2. Be Creative With Desk Organisers  

Giffen Furniture Removals Desk Organisers

Metal file holders, partitioned desk organisers, and pen holders are all great accessories for saving space on your desk. Turns out they’re versatile enough that you can use it in other parts of your home. For instance, you can use file holders to store and separate pots, pans, and plates.

Use magazine holders to hold dry produce like potatoes, onions, and bread. You can just tuck them behind a cabinet and not worry about your produce getting everywhere. Pen holders are a great way to sort toothpicks, floss, cotton buds, and other hygienic items in your bathroom.

3. Over-The-Door Shoe Organisers Are Versatile  

Giffen Furniture Removals Shoe Organiser

It’s not just desk organisers that go well with pretty much anything. Those multi-pocketed over-the-door shoe organisers are also perfect for organising other items. The individual pockets can hold items in place and prevent things from getting lost.

Place them in the kids’ bedroom for an instant and inconspicuous toy organiser. Tired of sorting through all the cords and cables in your home? Hook one by the door and never think about where your cables are again. You can put labels or tags on top of each pocket so you don’t have to fuss about each pocket’s contents.

4. Hang Pegboards Everywhere   

Giffen Furniture Removals Pegboards

Pegboards have an industrial-modern look that makes organising stylish. It’s a great way to display little knickknacks in your home without making them look like clutter. You can mix and match the items you stick on the pegboard. We personally like the idea of putting photos on the top part, and hooks and racks on the bottom part for seamless storage. 

5. Prioritise Hidden Storage  

Giffen Furniture Removal Hidden Storage 

The most clever storage hacks are the ones you don’t see. Integrate storage solutions in common areas to make tidying up intuitive. Roll-away bed storage is a great example of hidden storage, but there are other ways you can bring this into your home.

When we say hidden storage, it doesn’t necessarily have to be invisible. You can still have cupboards and cabinets in full view without them sticking out from the rest of the wall. Simple design choices like opting for handle-free cabinets can give your cabinets a more polished look.

Installing hooks and floating magazines are another great way to blend storage with style. Once these are installed, you won’t even know they’re there. 

6. Hide Keys Behind Artwork  

Giffen Furniture Removals Hide Keys Behind Artwork

Keys and other small items can easily pile on and become messy. It doesn’t help that keys aren’t exactly an interior design piece.

One way you can get around organising your keys is to hide it behind a piece of art. Place hooks behind an artwork that you can easily move, revealing a rack of organised keys. This way, you don’t have to think about your keys again. 

7. Store Your Items Elsewhere  

Giffen Furniture Removals Store Your Items Elsewhere

Feel like you’re on a never-ending crusade against mess? Consider renting a storage unit to store all the appliances, gadgets, and households items you don’t use. It’s a great way to free up some space in your home, without being forced to think too hard about what to do with your spare items. House them there until you decide what to do with them, or just store your items there indefinitely. 

Reclaim Your Space With Giffen Removals

Don’t let organisation get the better of you. With Giffen Removals, you can hire professionals to help you with furniture storage and packing. Rent a storage space to make room for the important things in your life. Start organising your home with Giffen Furniture Removals today.

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