Giffen Furniture Removals Top 7 Benefits Of Hiring A Furniture Removal Specialist

Planning a move, and not sure whether you need to involve furniture removal specialists or not? While doing it DIY can always leave you feeling independent and resourceful, do you really want to spend the time and energy on packing and moving your own furniture, without the help of professionals?

Here are the top 7 benefits of hiring a furniture removal specialist to help you with your big upcoming move:


1. Specialists Know What They’re Doing

Giffen Furniture Removals Specialists Know What They're Doing

It’s not every day that you have to move furniture around the house, pack it safely into a truck, and unload it into a new house. If you’re like most people, you might find yourself doing this kind of job once or twice every decade. This means that you naturally won’t come equipped with the tools, experience, and general know-how required to do this task as easily and effectively as possible.

Think about all the things that could go wrong if you decide to do all the work yourself or with your friends and family. You can potentially cause damage to the furniture, to the walls and floors of your old and new house, and end up getting yourself stuck in completely avoidable unwanted situations just because you didn’t prepare enough.

As specialists, we know what we’re doing. We’ve done jobs like yours thousands of times before, so we avoid all the mistakes, bring all the tools, and prepare everything required to make sure your removal situation goes smoothly.


2. Save Tons of Time

Giffen Furniture Removals Save Tons Of Time

Moving from one home to another requires dealing with countless issues. From changing the address at your work and/or school, making sure your utilities know where you are moving, ensuring internet access is set-up in your new home, redirecting all your mail from your old home to your new home, getting acquainted with your new area and all the need-to-know places, and just making sure everything goes right as soon as you get there.

This means you don’t want to be spending dozens of tiresome hours packing, preparing, and moving all your furniture from one place to another – not only is it exhausting, but you simply don’t have the time to worry about it.


3. Avoid The Hard Labour

Giffen Furniture Removals Avoid The Hard Labour

It’s easy to underestimate just how much hard, physical labour goes into a removal project. You often forget how heavy so many of the items in your home can be. And when you spend an entire day packing, lifting, twisting, and loading an entire house’s worth of furniture, you will be ready to collapse halfway through the job.

Keep yourself from the blood, sweat, and tears of the heavy task of moving your furniture yourself. Protect your body from the possible injuries that can occur from mishandling furniture way heavier than yourself. Let the experts do the job they understand best.


4. Keep Your Items Safe And Secure

Giffen Furniture Removals Keep Your Items Safe And Secure

Too many people think they can save money by borrowing a friend’s truck and hauling their furniture without any professional help onboard, but a smooth and painless DIY removal experience is very rarely the case. In most cases, people end up damaging their own items during the move – either while carrying them out of the house, loading them into the truck, during the drive, or unloading and unpacking them.

With professional removalists, you have the safety and security of our professional expertise, top tools and absolute knowledge, as well as the insurance guaranteeing you safety in the event of any damage to your items.


5. Plan Ahead With Confidence

Giffen Furniture Removals Plan Ahead With Confidence

Calling in a team of professional furniture removalists to assist you with your move means that part of your move is now dealt with.

You don’t have to think about when you might be doing this or how you can find the time to handle that, because when you set a time and date with a well-trusted furniture removalist team, you can rest assured that they will be there to do the job, as promised. This gives you the assurance to plan ahead and shape the rest of your plans around your partnered removalists, making your move that much easier.


6. Save Yourself The Multiple Trips

Giffen Furniture Removals Save Yourself The Multiple Trips

If you end up trying to move all your items on your own, the problem that you might run into is the lack of loading and packing skills working with you in your favour. You might also not have the ideal moving truck necessary to do the job right. This means one thing: multiple trips.

It might sound easy, but it’s not. There is nothing worse than finding yourself done with your first trip, only to realize that you have one or two more to go.


7. Get Everything You Might Need With One Awesome Team – Like Giffen Furniture Removals

Giffen Furniture Removals Awesome Team

When you hire a team of specialists like our group at Giffen Furniture Removals, you get everything you could want in a single package.

Giffen Furniture Removals offers a quality experience that includes a number of services, including furniture removal (office, home, pool tables, pianos, and much more), pre-packing services, and storage services. We understand just how hectic and difficult a move can be, which is why we have shaped ourselves into the one-stop solution for all your removal, packing, and storage needs.

Request a quote and book your Giffen Furniture Removals service at our website today, or call us at (07) 3162 6783!

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