Giffen Furniture Removals The Professional Movers Guide To Effective Packing

Moving house doesn’t have to be super tough. By getting started as early as possible and knowing how to properly pack, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress. If you’ve never had to pack a house before or would like some additional pointers, here are some handy tips to make packing a breeze from local professional furniture movers in Brisbane.


Get Clear About The Task Ahead  

Giffen Furniture Removals Get Clear About The Task Ahead

Now is the time to lay out a quick plan of how you want to approach this packing process. Packing takes up a lot of time and effort and it’s important to prepare ahead of your move so you have a plan of action you can follow.

Have a think about whether you will be moving your own items, or if you will be hiring a removalist company. If you are going with the latter, this may have an impact on how you go about packing your belongings.

Do a visual scan of your home and decide on what items you will need to pack first and what can be left for the removalists to pack on moving day.


Offload Things You Don’t Need  

Giffen Furniture Removals Offload Things You Don't Need

Bringing along belongings you longer need or want over to your new place can unnecessarily take up valuable time and resources you can utilise elsewhere.
Right before you get started with the packing process, do a quick scan of larger items you no longer wish to take with you on this move and take steps to donate, sell or throw them away to lighten your moving load.


Source Packing Supplies  

Giffen Furniture Removals Source Packing Supplies

Before rushing out to buy supplies, look around the house first for any packing items and tools you may already have on hand. This will prevent doubling up on supplies and save you money at the same time.

If you already have used boxes lying around that you would like to repurpose, make sure you reinforce them with packing tape to prevent the bottoms from falling out during your house move.

Purchase packing items such as boxes, packing tape, garbage bags, bubble wrap, markers and any other things you feel will make the task easier to manage. Having enough of these packing items on hand before starting to pack will ensure that you can get started quickly and won’t have to stop what you are doing in order to restock on more items later.

Ensure you have enough moving boxes so you don’t cram too many objects into each one. Heavier boxes can be difficult to shift and at the same time can break apart when they have heavy contents.


Fragile Items

Giffen Furniture Removal Fragile Items

Taking precautions when moving your precious items is important when preventing breakages or scuffing while on a potentially bumpy trip.
Wrap fragile items like glassware and decorations with padding such as bubble tape. Use protective blankets around larger items that can’t be placed into a box. Be wary of wrapping items up with newspaper as the ink may leave a stain. Opt for white packing paper instead of newspapers to prevent ink transfer.


Packing Your Belongings 

Giffen Furniture Removals Packing Your Belongings

Keep an inventory of items you have packed and in which boxes you have placed them in. Try to pack things room by room to maintain your focus and motivation on the task. Once you’ve completed packing an entire room, you can then progress to the next room.


Don’t Leave Anything Behind  

Giffen Furniture Removals Don't Leave Anything Behind

Check each room in the house, cupboards, drawers, the garage, spare rooms, the attic and the backyard for anything you may have forgotten to pack. There’s nothing worse than getting to your new place only to discover you’ve left behind one of your belongings somewhere at your old place.


Looking For An Easier Way To Pack Up Your Home?

Don’t think you need to pack up your entire home all by yourself. If you’re really pushed for time and feel you could benefit from some help, reach out to professional furniture movers at Giffen Furniture Removals.

Not only do we specialise in furniture removals in the greater Brisbane area, but our team can also assist you with our pre-packing services. We can do full pre-packs or partial pre-packs of just your fragile items. If you prefer, we can also focus on just pre-packing items within specific rooms of your choice.

Give the team at Giffen Removals a call to find out more about our furniture pre-packing service and to request a fast, free quote on any of our other outstanding services.

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