Giffen Furniture Removals Post-Move Tips: Unpacking And Setting Up Your Furniture In A New Home

Congratulations on completing your move! Now that you’re surrounded by boxes in your new home, you might be feeling tired or overwhelmed. But don’t worry, this is the perfect time to turn your new space into a comfortable haven. Below, we’ll share some essential post-move tips for unpacking and setting up your furniture that will make the process easier and far more enjoyable to get you settled in sooner.

1. Plan Before You Unpack

Giffen Furniture Removals Plan

Before diving into the sea of boxes, take a moment to plan. Sketch out a rough floor plan of your new home and decide where each piece of furniture will go. This will save you the hassle of moving heavy items multiple times. Also, make sure to measure doorways and staircases to ensure all pieces can fit through. It’s a simple step, but crucial in the post-move process.

2. Clean Before You Settle

It’s much easier to clean your new home before all your furniture is in place. Give the house a good scrub or consider hiring professional cleaners to ensure your new space is sparkling and welcoming. This is not just about cleanliness; it’s about starting afresh in a healthy, welcoming environment.

3. Prioritise Essential Rooms

Post-move exhaustion is real, so prioritise the rooms you’ll use most. Start with the bedroom, as a good night’s sleep is crucial after a busy move. Next, set up the bathroom with all necessary toiletries and towels. Lastly, tackle the kitchen, as being able to cook and eat will make the place feel more like home.

4. Unpack With Strategy

Giffen Furniture Removals Unpack With Strategy

Unpacking without a plan can lead to chaos. Instead, unpack room by room, starting with the essentials mentioned above. Labelled boxes can be a lifesaver in the post-move phase, guiding you exactly where each box should go. Take your time with unpacking – it’s not a race. Making thoughtful decisions about where things go will pay off in the long run.

5. Furniture Assembly

Now comes the fun part – or the challenging part, depending on how you look at it. Assembling furniture can be a puzzle, but remember, it’s one you’ve solved before. Start with the larger pieces like beds and wardrobes, as they’ll define the space in each room. If you kept them, instructions and tools from when you first bought your furniture will come in handy. If not, many manufacturers offer online instructions.

6. Create A Comfortable And Functional Space

Your post-move goal should be to create a space that feels both comfortable and functional. Don’t rush to fill every corner immediately. Live in the space for a while and you’ll get a better sense of what you need. Remember, this is your chance to reorganise and redecorate to suit your current tastes and lifestyle.

7. Deal With The Boxes

Giffen Furniture Removals Deal With The Box

As you unpack, break down boxes and sort them for recycling or storage. Clutter can make your space feel smaller and less inviting, so getting rid of it early in the post-move process will help you feel more at home.

8. Personalise Your Space

Now that your furniture is in place and your boxes are unpacked, it’s time to add those personal touches that make a house a home. Hang up photos, display memorabilia and arrange your favourite knick-knacks. These small touches will make your new place feel familiar and cosy.

9. Take Time to Relax

It’s important to take breaks and relax during the post-move process. Moving is physically and emotionally taxing, so give yourself permission to rest. Order in your favourite food, watch a movie, or take a relaxing bath. Remember, setting up your new home is not an emergency; it’s a process that should be enjoyed.

10. Seek Help If Needed

Giffen Furniture Removals Seek Help

Remember, you don’t have to do everything alone. Whether it’s asking friends and family to help unpack, hiring professional movers for the heavy lifting, or consulting with interior designers for that perfect home setup, there’s support available. Don’t hesitate to seek it out.

Moving into a new home is a significant life event and the post-move phase is an essential part of the transition. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a comfortable and personalised space and before you know it, you’ll be settled in and your new house will feel like home.

Need Professional Help With Your Move?

Giffen Furniture Removals can significantly ease your moving process. If you’re seeking assistance, their team of professionals is equipped to handle every aspect of your move, ensuring everything from delicate packing and unpacking to efficient furniture removal and setup is done with precision.

Hiring a professional removalist like Giffen not only alleviates the burden of moving, but also provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your belongings are in safe hands. Their support transforms a potentially stressful day into a smooth, worry-free experience, proving that professional help can make all the difference in your transition to a new home. Give the team at Giffen Removals a call today to discuss your specific moving needs – you’ll be glad you did!

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