Giffen Furniture Removals Moving On A Budget: Top Tips To Save Today

For many of us, moving house can pose a bit of a challenge. Moving takes time, effort and of course costs money. However, moving doesn’t have to be an overly expensive exercise. There are ways to get the job done quickly and with minimal spend – no matter what your budget is. So if you’re looking to save time and money on your upcoming house move and don’t know where to start, our top tips for moving on a budget are listed below.


Work Out Your Budget

Giffen Furniture Removals Work Out Your Budget

When it comes to moving house, having a budget in mind will allow you to work out what kind of moving services you can afford – whether it’s a full service professional move or hiring a rental vehicle and doing it on your own.

Therefore start your planning process by having an actual budget amount in mind before you organise anything for your move. This will help determine which method of moving your possessions will be the most cost effective for your needs.


Move With Less

Moving services are usually charged by the hour, which is why having fewer possessions to move in the first place will save you time and money. Be sure to cull any unwanted or unused possessions (particularly larger items) ahead of your move to help keep your moving costs down.

When it comes to thinning out your possessions, there are several ways to dispose of your unwanted items before moving day. You can choose to give your unwanted possessions away to family and friends, donate them to charity or sell them at a garage sale or online. Be sure to throw away broken items that no longer serve a purpose to avoid taking them with you to your new place.

Shop Around

Giffen Furniture Removals Shop Around

When deciding on a professional removalist or hiring a moving vehicle, it always pays to shop around first. Request at least three obligation free quotes from local service providers to give you an idea of how much the service will cost. Also consider what’s included with your moving service when weighing up your quotes. You may find that some service providers charge slightly more for their services, however in actual fact, you may be getting more bang for your buck with some additional services thrown in.


Ask For Help

Don’t be afraid to ask others for help with your move if you need it. Quite often, family and friends would be more than happy to pitch in and assist by helping you to pack, lift and move your belongings. Also, if you’re in need of a moving vehicle such as a truck or ute that you can use for your house move, why not ask around to see if you can borrow one from someone you know.

The beauty of asking your close contacts for help with your move is that you can save a ton of money on a DIY house move instead of hiring a professional. However, doing this will mean you will have to do all of the heavy lifting and packing yourselves.



Giffen Furniture Removals Backloading

Another way of saving money on your move is to choose a backloading service to transport your possessions. Backloading is a cost-effective moving option where your belongings are loaded onto the back of a truck along with other people’s possessions. By sharing moving space with other people, you can benefit by taking advantage of cheaper moving rates by only paying for the space you are using and not the entire cost to hire out the whole moving vehicle.


Move During Off Peak Times

Choosing to move during off peak times can save you money on your move. Moving house in the middle of the week is often charged at cheaper rates, so when obtaining a quote, be sure to ask your removalist if they offer cheaper rates during less busy times so you can take advantage of cost savings there.


Save Money On Your Brisbane House Move

Giffen Furniture Removals Save Money On Your Brisbane Move

Moving on a budget in Brisbane? You can count on the team at Giffen Removals! At Giffen, we offer a range of cost-effective moving services to suit different needs and budgets from backloading services, to man and ute hire as well as full service furniture removal and pre-packing services.

Speak to our team today to discuss your moving needs and save with Brisbane’s trusted removalists.

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