Giffen Furniture Removals Choosing The Right Packing Supplies For Your House

Choosing the right packing supplies can mean the difference between your belongings making it safely to your new place without a scratch vs discovering your precious items have been broken and damaged during transit.

If you find yourself moving house and have no idea where to start when it comes to purchasing and using packing materials, you’ve come to the right place! Read on for our top tips and tricks for choosing the right packing supplies and materials to ensure a successful (and damage-free) house move.


First Thing’s First

Choosing packing materials for your upcoming move shouldn’t be an afterthought. Make a complete list of the various things that you might need and have them ready for use once you start to pack. That way, you’ll have all your moving supplies ready and at your disposal while you pack your belongings and won’t need to stop to go to the store to buy something you’ve missed.


Sturdy Moving Boxes

Giffen Furniture Removal Boxes

Contrary to what most people recommend, be sure to use purpose-made, durable moving boxes where possible. This is particularly important when you are filling your moving boxes with a substantial amount of items. There’s nothing worse than having your moving box collapse under the weight of your belongings, causing damage to your precious items.

Be sure to obtain moving boxes in various sizes (small, large and medium) to cater to the size and weights of your personal items. Don’t forget to grab specialty boxes if you need them (wine boxes, wardrobe boxes and archive boxes).


Packing Materials

Giffen Furniture Removals Packing Supplies

There are many different types of packing materials to choose from when it comes to protecting your things. We’ve listed some of them below:


  • Bubble Wrap – typically used for protecting fragile items during transit, bubble wrap has become one of the main go-to packing materials for moving professionals and DIY movers the world over. For the best results, wrap your valuables with the bubble side facing your items and secure them in place with packing tape to prevent them from shifting during transit.


  • Packing Paper – when it comes to an inexpensive way to protect breakables and fragile items, packing paper might be your best bet. Unlike using old newspapers, packing paper is a cleaner option for protecting your glass, plates and other valuables.


  • Plastic Wrap – plastic wrap is perfect for keeping drawers and doors secure while protecting furniture surfaces from unsightly stains and damage during your move. Simply wrap the plastic around your furniture or items and it will cling to itself and stay in place.


  • Furniture blankets – these are ideal for protecting tv screens, and other large furniture pieces.


Other Must-Have Packing Supplies

Giffen Furniture Removal Must Have Supplies

When it comes to packing your belongings, there are a few essential items that can make packing your items safely a breeze including:

  • Strong, sharp scissors
  • Heavy-duty packing tape (with tape dispenser)
  • Garbage bags
  • Mattress bags
  • Stanley knife
  • Sharpie for labeling box contents
  • Ropes/tie-downs to keep items from shifting during the trip


Some General Packing Tips

Giffen Furniture Removals General Tips

Once you’ve got all of your packing supplies and materials available and on hand and are ready to start packing, for the best results, don’t just rush off and quickly start without reading our general packing tips below:

  • Before you start loading up your moving boxes, be sure to secure the bottoms with strong, heavy-duty packing tape to prevent the box from falling apart once items are placed inside
  • Use the correct size moving boxes for the size and weight of the items you are looking to store
  • Try not to leave gaps between items in moving boxes to ensure they are secure and remain in place to prevent any movements and shifts during transit
  • Place heavier items on the bottom of your moving boxes with lighter items on top
  • Start packing in one room and then don’t move on to the next until you’ve finished
  • Be sure to label the contents of your boxes so you know exactly what the contents of the boxes are


Need A Hand With Your Packing & Moving?

If you’re short on time when it comes to moving and looking for packing supplies in Brisbane, the professionals at Giffen Furniture Removals are here to help. From providing quality furniture removals, pre-packing, and furniture storage solutions, we’re your one-stop moving specialists.

Speak to our team for all your pre-packing and furniture removal needs! Ask for an obligation-free quote today!

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