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Giffen Furniture Removals What To Do Next After A House Move

Moving house takes a ton of preparation and work. You might have checklists of things to do that go on for months prior to your move-in day, just to make sure that nothing gets lost or forgotten in the shuffle. But with so much energy committed towards preparing for your

Giffen Furniture Removals The Ultimate Interstate Moving Checklist

Planning a long distance move is no easy feat. An interstate moving checklist can help keep you organised as you pack up your life and move on to your new address. It ensures that you have made the necessary preparations before the moving day, allowing you to run errands well

Giffen Furniture Removals The #1 Guide To Moving A Piano

Piano removal is one of the trickiest parts of the removal business, because it combines three characteristics that can make any removal job several times more difficult: it’s delicate and fragile, it’s incredibly heavy, and it has an awkward shape.
With these three factors in play, piano removal needs careful

Giffen Furniture Removals Should I Sell Or Store My Furniture

Moving to a new place is an exciting but often a stressful experience. You have to decide a million things, including which furniture to bring with you and which ones to leave. At Giffen Furniture Removals, we are often asked if it’s better to sell or store your furniture. Here’s

How To Pick A Trustworthy Furniture Removal Company

Picking a moving company is no easy feat. You are on the lookout for a responsible company that will take care of your belongings and move them safely. You are basically putting your home’s content in someone’s truck and hoping for the best.
The Australian removals industry is a busy